..."We love your jewelry and we want to wear it forever. Will you make our wedding bands for us?"...

..."We wanted to thank you for our beautiful rings. We are so pleased that we get yo wear your art every day for the rest our lives"...

14K white palladium gold band.jpg
14K gold ring 20th anniversary.jpg

Wedding band for 20th anniversary.

14K white palladium gold ring with XX inscribed inside to signify 20th anniversary date.


Sterling silver hammered band.

Silver hammered band.jpg

14K yellow gold wedding ring.jpg

14K yellow gold wedding ring.

Silver wedding ring.jpg

Silver hammered band, 6mm wide.

Two gold bands in necklace.jpg

This custom order was special. A widow wanted to have her late husband's band to be joined as links with her ring and worn on a chain.

A pair of silver rings.jpg

A pair of hammered silver bands.

Large silver band.jpg

Large sterling silver band, 6mm wide, 2mm thick, size 11 1/2.